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Jagrinth's Journal: The Tsunami

As much as it pains me to subject my readers to the semi-literate jottings of an ogre, I have been convinced that it would pain me considerably more not to. Since Jagrinth's introduction leaves some things to be desired, I have attached a supporting document that may give a slightly better understanding of the persons involved.

Magisport Prison log, 14th day Highsummer

Gretel Gutenberg, human – carry weapon in unsafe manner. Magistrate in a.m. Belongings in barrel #8.
Belle from the Crown and Rose, human – lewdness, third offence. Magistrate in a.m. Barrel #12.
Lawson Goodman, half-elf – public nuisance, repeat offender (bloody Heironeous-botherer). Think he enjoys prison. Pervert. Barrel #3.
'AKA', human – selling stolen goods. Magistrate in am. Slippery customer, secure cell. Barrel #7 (will be wanted as evidence).
Jagrinth, ogre – drunk and disorderly (2nd offence), brawling. Release in a.m., make sure is fed. Add cost to her fine. Barrels #1, 2, 5, 14, plus assorted oversized weaponry/shovel/etc in corner.
Martin Del'Lorien, human – brawling. Release in a.m. Barrel #9.
Jackson Aeurbound, human – brawling. Release in a.m. Barrel #11.
Francois ??, elf – under influence of controlled substances, selling ditto w/o permit. Magistrate in a.m. Barrel #4.
Floyd ??, halfling – theft, poss. affray (not clear whether role was voluntary). Magistrate in a.m. Barrel #6.

deer diary

last nite i had lots of ale. there was singing and i remember hitting sumbody with a halfling but only friendly hitting. i woke up in the jale and my hed was sore. then i sang my favorit song belching in the dark and some guy called Lawson Goodman started telling me stories about hyroneeus but they were kinda boring. there was a shepe in my cell and i ate that and the gards sed i can come out when its morning.

then there was really big rumbling and lots of things fell over and Lawson said its the raptor but it was just an earthquack. the gards yelled and then they stoped yelling and i smelled sumthing like roast pork yum yum! i sayed can i come out now and the gards didnt say anything. then i sayed if you dont want me coming out now you should say and they didn't say anything. the gards. so i hedbutted the door. then i fell asleep for a bit. then i woke up and punched the door open. there was other people in the cells and i let them out and they let the other people out. lots of stuff had fallen over and stuff had fallen on the gards and one of them was on fire which is what the smell was. i got my stuff back. i hope the gards dont mind.

we wanted to go out but the door upstairs was blocked. so i hit it with my axe. but there were lots of rocks behind it and it smelled like fire so we didnt go that way.

there was another way out that was an old tunnel and the roof had fallen in ages ago. so i got my shovel and my crobar and i dug and Lawson dug too. we made a nice big whole and then Lawson sayed look at that mud its moving towards us. and it moved at me and slimed me and it burned.

so i went back and threw some aklamists fire at the floor to keep it away. and Jackson or maybe it was Francois made magic fire too. then i put my ring on and got big and threw my cask of oil at it and it caught on fire. hahaha! only Lawson was a bit close and he caught fire too. it smelled just like the gards and i was hungry. but i know im not allowed to eat people unless someone says i can or there not looking. so we put out the fire and Gretel put water on him. his cloaths fell off and they were burned but Jackson gave him more cloaths. and peeple were pointing and laughing but i don't know what that was about.

then there was shouting back in the cells and i went over to the oobleyet. thats where the shouting was. there was water in the oobleyet and Bel was in the water. there was a tentakul grabbing her. Aykay tide a rope on Martin and Martin jumped in and grabbed her and i pulled the rope up and they came out. the tentakuls came up after her but I hit them with my axe and then Martin shot it with his bow and it died. but Bels skin was all funny and Aykay was trying to doctor her but she died.

there was lots of smoke and we herd Floyd coffing. i picked him up and took him to Gretel and she made him better but he ran away from me. so we went down the tunnel. there was water there and Jackson had a magic boat but i was too big for the boat so i pulled it instead.

we found Floyd in the water but he was dead and only some of him was there. then a big tentakul fish tried to eet Lawson. probably because he wasnt wearing armour which is silly. Gretel made my chain all flamy and i whacked the fish with my chain and sumbody shot it or something and it died. then we went down the tunnel and there was an oktopus so i walloped it with my chain. the tentakul fish were yucky but the oktopus was yummy so i kept some tentakuls and ate them. then Martin went around a corner and another tentakul fish hit him. i smacked it with my chain and Lawson whacked it and it died. there was a hole so i put Martin in the hole and he grabbed things and i took him out agane and thats how we got the shinees. Martins skin was going all funny too and he wasnt very happy but there was a magic bottle in one of the shinees that made him better.

then we came out and it was almost morning. we looked back and the cassle was on fire and the town was trashed and there were dead peeple and animals everywhere and i was hungry. and it was all muddy. we took the boat back to the docks and lots of people were there yelling and screeming and trying to get on the boat. and one woman sayed pleese take my baby and i sayed ill take your baby but she screemed and wouldn't give me the baby. then they jumped on the boat and Jackson sayed the magic word and the boat folded up and they fell in the water. there was the woman and her baby and there was a merchant with chests full of shinies. Lawson helped them get out of the water and i helped the merchant out and I took one of his chests when he wasnt looking because humans cant swim with even a little bit of weight on them. meenwhile the people were yelling and screeming and Aykay was wandering around the croud helping make sure they could swim if they needed to.

then Francois sayed the water is going out now and its going to come back so wed better go uphill. and Gretel led people uphill and Lawson was trying to make the merchant leave his munny so he could run up the hill but he woodnt. i dont think Lawson wanted me to take the munny either so I ran uphill. and Gretel sayed to grab the children so I put three human children under my arms and ran. it was just like back at home. Jackson was flieing and he told the merchant hed save him if the merchant gave him sum gold but the merchant sayed no and the wave caught him and he drowned. the merchant not Jackson. and Lawson tried to save the merchant but he didnt. and we got to the top of the hill and Gretel was sorting out the helthy people and the sick ones. the end for now.


“Maybe the tentacle monster had a shiv.”
“Get some cork on your fork!”
“We don't have to swim!”
“Yes, we can sink!”
“It's the ones who buy aboleths for Christmas that bother me.”
“We have to dig the bodies up so we can bury them!”
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