Calair Icebrook (calair) wrote in shinyshinyelves,
Calair Icebrook

Jagrinth's Journal

well after the big wave lots of people wanted to go uphill. because their houses were fludded. and there was lots of mud and stuff and lots of digging for me to do. and dead cows to eat but they were getting pretty smelly by now. everybudy was doing stuf for axemple Lawson was telling bereved famlees how their loved ones were with Hyroneyus and Gretel was making plants grow and AKA was helping me bury people.

then it was night and people were cross at us. there was a mob with torches and pitchforks and i wasnt very happy about that. they said i had aten their baby and i hadent eeten that baby but they didnt know where the baby was and i think there was sumthing about a matinee jakit. and Lawson argued with them. and they said we had to go and find the baby to show i hadnt eaten it. and we said in the morning its dark now. i thought maybe we could get a different baby and just give them that one but i wasnt aloud to do that. then we sang campfire songs and i started to sing an oger song about steeling peoples babies but then i desided not to. then Lawson sang about Hyeroneus and i went to sleep and i woke up and a gard was trying to hit Lawson. so i hit the gard but only with my fist and he fell asleep. and the other gard was alredy asleep. the other gards came and they were cross but AKA put beer on the gards and said they were drunk and the gards beleeved him.

then we went to look for the baby. there was lots of blood there and it was more than one babys worth. there were footprints and a trale of blood. we followed the trale across the river to the old church thats fallen down. there was a big sacroph saracrophatomb there and Gretel said its evil so we opend it. and it was scary because i dont like ghosts. but Gretel did magic stuff and then we went downstares. there were four skeletons with squirmy tummies and dead zombies around because Gretel killed them and a dead woman on the altar in the middle. we fought them and hit them and Jackson and Gretel cast spells at them and they dide. AKA couldnt move because one skeleton liked him but then he coud move agane.

then Francois follode the lizardy footprints and we found three black dragons playing with the baby. then they made it dark but Gretel made it lite again. i dont like magic. or dragons. i started wacking one of the dragons with my chain and AKA was hitting it too and one of them spat at me and it burned and then it grabbed the baby and flew away. but Gretel zapped it and it fell down and the baby was crying because AKA and Lawson didnt catch it even though they tride. and Gretel cast a spel on it to make it better.

then i grabd one dragon so i could kil it while everybody else killed the other one. but Jackson was meen and he cast a spell and it hurt me a lot and i droped the dragon. and i nearly dide but Gretel heeld me. so i tried to hit Jackson to teach him not to do that but he ran away and i droped my chain so i could shoot at him but i missed. then Francois cast a spell and made it tangly and Lawson stood in front of me and said not to hit Jackson so I yelled at Jackson insted and then went back to get my chane. and sombody had killed the other dragons but then AKA went neer the swamp and a tentakul crodocile grabed him. and then Jackson was realy meen and he cast another spell and zapped all of us and it hurt a lot. and the baby dide and Gretel neerly dide too. but i grabed the monster and we hit it and it let AKA go only we were in quicksand so it took a whial to get out. and Jackson tride to fly away but they shot him with arrows and he dide. thats why you shuldnt be meen to ogers. and if you do you shuld say sorry.

so we took the baby back to town. peeple were cross with us becos it was dead. the gud thing was that Jackson had lots of muney. so we spent it to get the baby rased. and then they said they wouldnt kill us which was good. and there was some muney left over too.
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