Calair Icebrook (calair) wrote in shinyshinyelves,
Calair Icebrook

Jagrinth in the Jungle

hello its me again Jagrinth. well we got the bayby rased from the ded but people were still cross with us. i think its because theyre meen. they sed we had two days to leve town. and the elders sed peeple are just cross for now and if we go away for a while theyll forget to be mad with us and we can come back. they said go on holiday. and there was Taklinn Longpoke hes a dwarf he had to go on holiday with us too.

then the elders said after the big wave theyd sent scouts to check on the other vilages on the island. but they hadnt come back. the scouts not the vilages. the vilages didnt come back either i gess. they thought (thats the elders) maybe it was bandits and if it was then we should squish the bandits and if the scouts were ded then we shud bring them back. or if they were alive. i dont like bandits because they said theyd pay me and then they didnt.

the elders said we should stay away for thirty days. thats all the fingers on Jagrinths hands and as many hands as I can hold in my hands. Lawson Goodman says any time I dont know how long it is yet I can ask Martin.

becos we were going away i said we shud have a party. so we did although aparently sum peple dont like partees. i dont remember very much about the party but there was sumthing about a cow full of ale. and i remember singing and peple being cross. and when i woke up somehow id akwired a dwarf. but thay said i had to put it back.

i got up a bit late becos i had a hedache. then one of the scouts came back all bitun and stuff. Gretel made him beter but he was all scaredy and didnt tell us anything useful wich is how it always is. but it luked like what bit him had sharp teeth.

then we went away from the town. the rodes and everything in the jungel were all overgrown so the short peple cudnt see over it but they cud walk behind me becos im good at flatening things. AKA wantud to set the undergrowth on fire but we said no for now. then there were buzzy flies and we found bits of ded human. one of the bones had a long sharp tooth in it. there was an arm two. so i dug a hole and we put rocks in it but first we put the dead guy in it.

by the way when i was in the jungel around here befor there was lots of little lizard things that sumtims tride to eat me. and gess what! thats what atacked us now. there were i think six or maybe ten of them. we hit them and martin ran away a lot. and Gretel made my spiky chain catch fire which was pretty good. only it set fire to the undergrowth and we had to put it out. Martin ran into the middle of the fire to stamp it out which wasnt such a good idea. and then Taklinn and AKA were still fiting the raptors and id killed mine so i tride to kill their raptors too. only there was a slite miscalculation and i hit both of them prety hard with my spiky chane. and it was still on fire. but it was an accident and i said sorry afterwards and they were pretty nice about it. anyway the last raptor ran off and we put out the fire and made a camp. raptors taste prety nice.

next day it was raning. we kept going and there was a ded guy on a branch. the raptors tride to eat us again and they grabed Lawson and Taklin. but I whirled the chain around and wacked them reelly hard. it was gud fun. and i didnt hit my frends which was also gud.

then we got to the village. it was all quiet and most of the howses were gone. it smelld bad like ded fish and there were big dents in the beech coming from the sea. we went into one of the houses and there was a big spiky lizard eating a dead guy. AKA snuck up on it and we started hiting it. it had big long spikes and when we cut it it skwirted blood that burned people so i stayed away and hit it with my chane. and we killed it. the dead guys werent from the village they were bandits like the ones i worked for once.

when it was night there were two of the little raptors trying to eaet the dead lizard. so i shot at them. its the first time ive ever hit anthing with my bow! and then i saw there was a big skwid jelyfish thing coming up from the see. it had lots of tentakuls! one of the raptors charged at us but i wacked it with my chain. and the other one went to try to eat the jelly skwid thing but the jelly swallod it. then it escaped and ran for us. nobody else was shooting the skwid so i shot at it and it came towards us. Gretel made a bright lite and it didnt like that at all. we were shooting at it but that didnt seem to hurt it much so i threw rocks instead. and we killed it also the raptors. Martin says they taste like chikun. but chikun has more fethurs. well thats it for now.
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