Calair Icebrook (calair) wrote in shinyshinyelves,
Calair Icebrook

hello again, its Jagrinth! well after we killed the fire horses we were tired and it was almost time for a nap. so we headed over to the merchants quarters. there was an elf walking into town and he said he wanted to kill the bandits but they were alredy dead so we made frends with him! his name is Osborn Jangle.

Rollo: “Hello unknown stranger, we trust you implicitly. Join our party!”

so I wanted to snooze and I was singing a lullaby by Shannon the Gnoll. but then sumone said the cribs were on fire.

Rollo: “I'll do a quick structural integrity check, and say 'no worries'.”
Gretel: “He's a dwarf, he has stone knowledge.”
Rollo: “Also, I lie.”

so i took our boat and filled it with water and carried it to the cribs. then I opened the door and the fire went whoosh1 and I went ow! but I tipped the water on the fire. the fire was under the bed and we relised there was a hole to the mines that we set on fire. i think maybe the miners made the hole so they could steel from the mine. anyway the fire kept coming up from the mine so we pulled the bed away. and the crib was catching fire so i said I should smash it up and pull the bits away from the fire and they said I could so I got to smash it! Crash bash wallop thump smash tinkel!!

Jagrinth: “Jagrinth used to work as a piano removalist. But then the owners found out... wait, why is Jagrinth talking in third person? Jagrinth know better than that.”

most of the buildings werent burning very much now just coals. we didnt have any marshmalows or goblins so we went to bed.

Martin and Bish were on first watch and then it was our turn. when we woke up (thats me and Gretel) Martin and Bish were saying that they were very manly men and there was nothing funny going on. I dont really no what that was about. so I dont think about it. anyway our watch was quiet but then on third watch an ogre came out of the mine! And he had a chain on his ankul!! And he was from bloodysmile tribe back on great big smashed skul island!!! and he was dead!!!!! just goes to show there wusses ha ha! so they cast spells at him and he tride to com in through the window but I hit him with my axe and Martin shot him and he dide. agane I guess. so I cut off his hed and then in the morning I boiled it for the skull on the coals in the inn. its a good thing our soup cauldron is big enough for an ogre head.

while I was boiling the skull i found a big wooden chest in the cellar of the inn. when i tried to get it out it fell apart and there were burned bits of paper and glass bottels in it. but also there was a shiny silver chest and I got that out. and later on Bish opened it and got poisoned and nearly died but Rollo and Gretel saved him.

anyway we went to look at the boarding house and there were things inside through the window. one of them tried to hit Rollo so I whacked it with my chain. well there were four of them and they were skeletons but with big wriggly tummies and one of them licked me and it was sort of tingly and drooly. but we whacked them even though Bish and Jangle stopped moving after they got licked. i thought they were dead but they woke up agane in a few minutes so its a good thing I didnt bury them like that other time but Id better not talk about that. oh and when I was trying to hit them with my chain one time I missed and got Gretels skirt instead but Id better not talk about that either. so thats all for now.

Rollo: “It's not succubi, it's succubuses. For a long time none of them come along, and then there's two at once.”
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